Driving instructor jobs Plymouth

Driving Instructor jobs Plymouth are available due to our continued growth. Continually turning down pupils means we have a need for qualified or trainee driving instructors.Working for 1st 4 Driving in Plymouth as a Driving Instructor gives you a whole host of benefits.driving instructor jobs Plymouth

  • Income of £30,000 easily achievable and more if you want, being self employed you will be able to see more of YOUR money and we can help you with this if you are not familiar with self employment.
  • You tell us the hours YOU want to work and we’ll fill your diary. This is one of the great things as a Driving Instructor in Plymouth where if you need to earn more money you just open your diary for more hours, or close it if you want to go on holiday.
  • Tell us the areas YOU want to cover and let us do the rest. You let us know how far you want to work, the best areas for you and we market accordingly.
  • Chose the car YOU want. Within reason remembering that the car is primary for learners but of course it is your car to use for personal use too. A brand new car every 1-2 years fully maintained.
  • Real job satisfaction helping the community. The best feeling in the world is when your pupil who could barely move off and stop passes their driving test. Helped and trained by you they remember you for the rest of your life.
  • You are your own boss. Nobody is checking up on you telling you when to go to work or setting your hours etc. You get a sense of independance
  • Job security and peace of mind, nobody can sack you, make you redundant and there will always be a need for driving instructors. Currently every driving instructor in the country has bulging diaries and is putting prices up.

Prospects in looking towards fleet and corporate, training other driving instructors or advance lessons and much more.

And so much more…..

Driving instructors come from many walks of life and every background. Education is no barrier nor experience however an ability to get on with people and offer a good service is important. Age too is no problem, I have trained people from 21 to 71 all became driving instructors and enjoy the life.

Training can be provided to so if you think you are interested and feel you have what it takes to become a Driving Instructor in Plymouth then we really want to hear from you. We love training our own instructors and use DTE-Elite for the training who are probably the highest and best qualified trainers in the world. They care about the profession and everyone they train and will look after you every step of the way.

So, what do you need to do next?

Call, email, message us or send a carrier pigeon and we will be sure to help you with everything you need.You can even ask to pop in for an informal chat with us over a cup of tea (coffee optional).

Meanwhile if you’re looking for more info on training go to the DTE-Elite website that is being added too dailey and sign up for updates too.